Overhall Primary School

Painting the seasons in Pastels
Artist Midge ACE
Lead Artist
We are thrilled with the work created in this artist-led workshop and delighted with the engagement and feedback from the children who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overhall Primary

The brief for this workshop was to create a selection of work with year 2 (aged 6-7 year olds) at Overhall Primary School in Winsford that encouraged them to engage with their local environment and surroundings. Following consultations with the teaching staff, it was agreed to create works that reflected the changing seasons based on photos the children had taken during the class walkabouts of their local environment in and around the school. Given a short time frame for the work to be completed, I recommended creating pastel drawings, working with the children in small groups to create paintings that represented the changing seasons i.e. spring, summer, autumn and winter using their photos as reference for the drawings.

I pre-prepared the surfaces for the work and provided all the materials for the workshop. Each session began with a brief open discussion where the children chose the photos and elements they wanted to incorporate into their composition and selected the colours for their painting. They learned many skills about pastel painting and although they got slightly messy due to the nature of pastel, we all had great fun over the three sessions.

We completed the workshop with a show and tell session from each group to their class and a short question time which enabled them to ask questions about my work as an artist followed by a round of applause for everyone. The school planned to hold an open exhibition of the works for the families to visit and see the work created.

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