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Landscape Excursions



Within this gallery, you will discover a captivating series of expressive mixed media artworks, each bearing the imprint of landscapes encountered during my explorations along the sandstone trails weaving through the heart of Cheshire, stretching to the picturesque shores of the Wirral. These works are infused with a vibrant energy and palpable atmosphere, skillfully crafted through a harmonious interplay of color, texture, and technique. Through meticulous layering, intricate mark-making, and deft line work, I have sought to distill the essence of these landscapes into abstract interpretations that speak to the soul. Employing a diverse array of wet and dry media including acrylic paints, charcoal, oil, and soft pastels, I have endeavored to capture the raw beauty and emotional depth of my experiences, inviting viewers on a visual journey imbued with wonder and contemplation

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