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John Lennon (SOLD), Acrylic on Canvas, 1m sq
Commission services
Expert advice and full consultation whilst preparing your brief and contract.
Work finished and delivered to your specifications with a certificate of authenticity.
Photography, sketching and draft composition prepared and agreed.
Completed according to agreed brief using high-quality art materials in the specified style.
Review & Approve
Staged reviews with up to three amendments at no extra cost.
Easy Payment
Paypal, cash, cheque or instalments accepted. 50% deposit.
My wife Lynn was over the moon with the portrait of our dog Tilly as an impromptu Christmas present.


Examples of acrylic, oil, charcoal & pastel portraits
Giving the Gift of ARt

A portrait painting makes for a unique and wonderful birthday or wedding gift or kept as a family heirloom. I can paint children, couples, groups & families or pet portraits in a variety of styles and mediums. Part of my working portfolio includes portraits and other painting commissions such as landscapes & storytelling compiled from a combination of live sketches & photos.  Commissions can be painted using charcoal, pencil, pastel, acrylic or oil on board, paper or canvas for which prices will vary based on size, medium or number of people or subject matter.

Commissions are also taken for other subject matter such as landscapes, still life, wildlife (i.e. favourite places & things). Abstract & graphic design concepts can also be accommodated.


Painting Prince William at Event City in Manchester 2012
Painting Prince William at Event City in Manchester 2012

Here is some useful information for consideration before submitting your request for a commission or a brief.

  • Please ensure all reference photos are of good quality i.e. 300dpi or better. I am able to consult and assist with photography or work from sketches carried out in person on-site for an additional consultation fee to cover additional costs for time and travel expenses.
  • Only best artist quality / acid-free materials are used to ensure the longevity of the work
  • I execute the commission under a pre-agreed contract along with a non-refundable 50% deposit due to be paid before any work commences. The contract will outline a delivery schedule for the work which will be agreed  forming a legally binding contract for the commission to be completed.
  • Payment and delivery of work are negotiable as part of the contract.
  • I will deliver all works with a certificate of authenticity.


Never commissioned a painting before? Unsure of the process? Have a tight budget? Fear not, as I will guide you through the process of preparing your brief and provide suitable recommendations to fit within your budget to create your own personalised and unique artwork.
Commission options

PASTEL Possibly the easiest and quickest of all mediums, these are carried out using Unison Soft Pastels and other artist quality hard pastels on specialist pastel papers such as Canson MiTeines Touch paper or specially prepared board. Finished works will require professional framing using a double or hidden mount system.


OIL OR ACRYLIC & MIXED MEDIA These commissions can be carried out on either canvas, canvas paper/panel, or mixed media papers. For Acrylic I use Golden artist grade acrylics and mediums. In the case of Oil I use a selection of artist-grade oil paints and mediums. In both cases, I finish all paintings with varnish to protect the artwork. Acrylic paintings can be finished with resin. Mixed media work can incorporate collage e.g. photos or transferring images. Work on panel or paper will most likely require framing. Oils require long drying times before finishing, so will require a longer time to complete such commissions.


ENCAUSTIC & OIL Such paintings are created using a combination of beeswax, damar resin, RF encaustic mediums, oil paint/sticks, oil pastel, ink or pastel. These are painted onto specially prepared and handmade wooden panels that can be wall hung with or without a frame and can be finished with a protective coat of varnish. Encaustic is a beautiful medium that enables the build-up of layers, enabling the creation of depth with transparent or semi-transparent layers of colour. It also supports the embedding of objects and incorporating collaged images or photos.


INK, WATERCOLOUR, PENCIL, CONTE OR CHARCOAL Such works are carried out on high quality acid-free Cartridge, Mixed media or Watercolour papers and will most likely require mounting & framing to protect the finished work. Like pastel, these are an ideal option for commissions requiring a short turnaround time.

Oil Pet portrait commission in progress.
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