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Contemporary Visual Artist
a.k.a. B. Mullally, BSc Hons, MA
@ ACE (Artistic Creations & Exhibits)
I am a professional visual artist with over ten years’ experience specialising in mixed media, drawing, painting, illustration and web design. Besides creating my own work, I provide tuition to all ages through workshops, demos, community and socially engaged projects with substantial experience in exhibition curation and working in the voluntary arts sector.

Initially, my work focused on developing my art practice through exploring and developing mixed media concepts, techniques and methods to provide visual representations of my natural surroundings, people and symbolism through mixed media, painting, drawing, calligraphy and handmade books, alongside interaction and engagement through various community-led projects involving education, health and wellbeing with local schools, special needs and voluntary art groups.

Following my recent studies in MA Contemporary Art with Industry Experience at Salford University, I aim to explore alternative perspectives and correlations between recent scientific concepts and alternative or holistic approaches in relation to anthropology, music and psychology, with a view to expanding upon possibilities and opportunities that provide an ‘out of the box’ perspective, informative narrative, deeper understanding and interesting experience whilst raising awareness of such concepts through visual art.

Inspiration for my work draws upon my childhood fascination and interests around nature, music, mythology, cosmology, astrology, symbolism, cultural beliefs and heritage enhanced by expanded research carried out in my adult life into related scientific and historic concepts and theories, literary writings and critiques by professionals and academics.

Involvement with the voluntary arts sector has drawn upon my skills as a software engineering project manager, which has enabled me to facilitate and organise local and regional arts events such as Cheshire Open Studios(2011 – present), Castle Park Annual Open Exhibition (2016 – present) and the SKarts Annual Open at Stockport Gallery(2011-2012).

Most of my work is exhibited and sold locally throughout Cheshire and collected in the UK and Ireland. I have also been the honoured recipient of the Visitors Choice Award 2014 at the Castle Park Annual Open Exhibition and the Mayors Choice Award 2016 at the Cheshire Open Studios Annual Exhibition.


Mixed media ARTIST
CReative designer
For me, art is the thread that connects our inner and outer worlds. Exploration and learning help provide the impetus for creating art, whereas intuition based on knowledge and experience form the crucial linchpins which help me bring it all together into something meaningful and engaging.


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Private or group tuition, contract-based workshops, art group or public demonstrations.


Find out where you can see my work as part of solo, group, and local exhibitions.


Any type of commissions considered in pastel, acrylic, oil, encaustic or mixed media.

Wistaston Drama Group
Community Projects

Socially engaged community projects with schools, elderly or vulnerable groups

community engagement
Art serves as a catalyst for healing individuals, our society and our environment.

Healing Arts,

artistic research
We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.

John Dewey

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