Exploring Urban & Rural Scenes Art Class – April 2016

Pink Skies in the Valley
Explore Rural & Urban Landscapes in this four week block of art classes. Learn how to combine various mediums and techniques to create colourful and energetic artworks.
Starts: Thursday April 7th for 4 weeks 

All dates include April (4 weeks) 7, 14, 21, 28

Theme: People & Places, Exploring Urban & Rural Scenes with Mixed media, Pastels, Acrylics or Oils.

Location: Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham

For this block we will take a look at various techniques including:

a) composition & perspective
b) colour
c) texture, pattern and design

The idea behind this block is to have fun and explore creating either a realistic, semi-abstract or abstract piece of work representing a rural or urban scene using acrylic paints, mediums, pastes and gels combined with some collage and other ephemera. Other dry or wet media may also be combined e.g. pastels, charcoal, inks etc to produce different marks or patterns (depending on your reference and desired outcome for your painting).

The traveller in Burano (Sketch)

Bring with you any sketches or pictures you would like to use as reference for your paintings, also any items you may want to use as collage or for texture or pattern.

The outline plan for the block will be:Wk 1 & 2 – plan & prepare composition, prepare support and lay down initial layers of collage, texture and pattern

Wk 3-5 – Develop further layers, add further marks & effects, refine and adjust composition to finishing stages.

If desired you can also work on more than one piece at a time as some mediums take a while to dry.

All supports, materials and other equipment is provided.
Please feel free to bring your own materials for this workshop (artist quality is recommended for best results).

Fee is £12.50 per week pay as you go or £50 to book the full 4 weeks.

Free parking, coffee & tea provided.

For more information contact Midge at info@artjournals.co.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: Only a few places remain so book early


May through to September – more Thursday evening art classes using oils, pastels & acrylics plus occasional daytime oil painting sessions with a Crewe Art Group. Also a number of outdoor en plein air sketching and painting sessions are due to be announced shortly.

For more information or pre-booking please contact me at info@artjournals.co.uk.
Please note: Places fill up fast so please book in advance.

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